Are you sick of feeling down, and want to start enjoying life again?



It’s hard to describe to others what it’s like to feel depressed. That sense of just not being able to enjoy things in life, feeling down or flat for no particular reason, being unable to work up the energy or motivation for anything anymore. For some people it’s like being in a fog, or behind a veil, no matter what you do you just can’t seem to connect with life anymore. You might be feeling the strain in your relationships, but you can’t seem to change it. Maybe you find yourself being irritable and snappy, but you’re not sure why. Lots of people feel guilty and worthless, and you may even have found yourself thinking about suicide. 


As awful as depression is, there is hope. Effective treatments have been developed that really do make a difference, and help you break free from depression and reclaim your life. With help and support, it’s possible to come out of depression. Seeing a Psychologist helps most people with depression, and often people start feeling better after just a few sessions. 


You don’t have to struggle alone with depression. You can break free from it, and live a happy rewarding life. 


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What does depression treatment look like?

When you first meet your Psychologist, they’ll spend time getting to know you, the struggles you face, and how depression’s affecting your life. This makes sure that together, you’ll be able to develop a plan that’s individually tailored for you, and suits how you would like to work on feeling better. This is also a time for you to get to know your Psychologist, to get a sense of their personality and feel comfortable talking with them so they can work alongside you to overcome depression.


The next step will be developing a plan for things you can start doing to help lift your mood.  They’ll be things you can do easily that don’t take too much effort. This part of treatment starts improving your energy and mood, creating momentum for you to keep doing things that make you feel better. Treatment also includes exploring and evaluating the thoughts you have about yourself, other people in your life, and your life experiences. Often, people who experience depression discover they’ve developed negative thinking patterns that have become unhelpful to them. Understanding the beliefs you hold allows you to develop more useful and supportive thinking patterns, improving your mood and protecting you from experiencing depression again in the future.


This style of treatment is based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, a proven treatment for depression that helps most people. The different parts of treatment work together to help you feel better. You’ll develop a healthy work-life balance and approach to life to support you as you face life’s challenges. Most people find they start feeling less depressed and experience more enjoyment in life in just a few sessions, and as they continue working through the depression they feel better, more confident, and able to enjoy life again.


I struggle with anxiety too. Will this treatment work for me?

Lots of people experiencing depression also struggle with anxiety. Our depression psychologists all help people suffering from anxiety as well as depression, and will work with you to make sure that both the depression and anxiety improve and you feel better. If you’d like more information on treatment for anxiety, please click here.


If you have any other questions about treatment, please see our FAQs page for more information.


Unfortunately we are not currently taking new clients. For other treatment options for depression, please click here.

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